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The leaves are changing, the World Series has started, college football rivalries are in full swing, but why do your knees feel like rusty hinges in the morning?

First off, you’re not the only one that feels more aches and pains as the weather turns cold and dreary.  Let me go ahead and say, we don’t know exactly why this happens but more than likely it has something to do with air pressure changes due to colder air moving in. The fact of the matter is we definitely get more calls for sore knees, and all other joints, this time of year.

I’m sure you have been told, “Oh, it’s just arthritis and there’s nothing you can do for it.”  Well, at Seven Springs Orthopedics and Sports Medicine we specialize in maximizing conservative treatment to make the best of what you have. We can assess the problem with x-rays, years of experience in evaluation and treatment, as well as quick turnaround on diagnostic imaging such as CTs and MRIs. Additionally, we can recommend several treatment options along the continuum of conservative care. We offer quick pain relief with our same-day appointments and ultrasound-guided injections, as well as long term solutions with the latest technology in bracing and comprehensive rehabilitative programs to get you back in the game. And for those patients that have had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at their joint pain and are still suffering, our orthopedic surgeons have years of experience in joint replacement surgery including partial and total joint replacement to relieve chronic pain and restore functional ability.

From our competent providers to our compassionate staff, we all look forward to teaming up to create an individualized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and gets you relief.

– Joshua Sloan, ACNP-BC

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