Our Story

Creating a New Orthopedic Experience

In 2006, Brant Bell (PA-C) and Stuart Jones (PA) were successfully working with an orthopedic practice in Nashville, Tennessee. They were married with young children and hungry to find ways to advance their careers. The challenge: with the traditional healthcare approach at that time, it was difficult to find ways to further leverage their skills and passion.

With the support of their families and the strength of their faith, Brant and Stu invested nearly every penny they owned to create a better orthopedic experience for their patients.

“It really did feel like jumping out a window with no net. We originally named our clinic Seven Springs because that was our street address and we never thought we would open another.”

Within two years, they opened their second clinic, and today there are five with more on the way.

“We put patients first”

Brant and Stu had experienced first-hand the amount of time and attention they were able to provide each patient, and this became the foundation for their practice.

“We have a great deal of experience communicating with patients. We take the time and are able to explain complex medical terms and conditions in ways patients can understand.”

Brant and Stu partnered with Orthopedic Surgeons who saw the value of their approach. By ensuring every patient receives the time and attention they deserved, not only is the treatment plan robust and tailored to the patient, the physician can spend more time with the patients who require an approach that might include surgery.

“In the healthcare world, it’s called ‘working at the top of your license.’ Each healthcare professional is seeing the right kind of patient for their skill-set. It saves the patient time and money, and it’s a win-win that doctors appreciate once they understand our model.”

“The care you need, when you need it”

Waiting. In the traditional orthopedic environment, this is something patients are familiar with. Waiting for an appointment time. Sitting in the waiting room. Waiting in the exam room. It’s frustrating, but it’s what patients have come to expect.

“From the first day we opened, we committed to making our patient experience different. If someone needs our help, we want to see them the same day or the next day at the latest. And we want to ensure most services can be done on-site. When someone’s in pain, it’s not right to expect them to wait two weeks for an appointment only to be told they need to see someone else for an x-ray or go somewhere else to get a cast or brace. That’s why we’re now going to start offering on-site physical therapy at select locations – it’s another valuable service in addition to our complete compliment of orthopedic services.”

With the vision established and the model in place, 7 Springs Orthopedics continues to grow and help more patients suffering from either acute injury or long-term musculoskeletal pain. Whether a youngster suffering from their first sprained ankle, a weekend warrior with a knee injury, or an older adult trying to reduce arthritic pain in their hands, 7 Springs Orthopedics can help.

“Our promise to the patient has never changed: we will respect your time, you will be treated with courtesy in a welcoming environment, and we’ll make sure you receive the appropriate care for your condition. It’s worked well so far – and we strive to get better every day.”